Quranic Initials

  • 25th Jun, 2019

The Literary Mathematical Composition

The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any other book; 29 suras are prefixed with 14 different sets of “Quranic Initials,” consisting of one to five letters per set. Fourteen letters, half the Arabic alphabet, participate in these initials. The significance of the Quranic initials remained a divinely guarded secret for 14 centuries.

The Quran states in 10:20 and 25:4-6 that its miracle, i.e., proof of divine authorship, was destined to remain secret for a specific predetermined interim:

They said, “Why hasn’t a miracle come down to him from his Lord?” Say, “Only God knows the future. Therefore, wait, and I will wait along with you.” [10:20]
Those who disbelieved said, “This is no more than a fabrication by him, with the help of other people.” Indeed, they uttered a blasphemy; a falsehood. Others said, “Tales from the past that he wrote down; they were dictated to him day and night.” Say, “This was sent down from the One who knows `the secret‘ in the heavens and the earth.” Surely, He is Forgiving, Most Merciful. [25:4-6]

The Quranic Initials constitute a major portion of the Quran’s 19-based mathematical miracle.


List of the Quranic Initials and Their Suras

No. Sura No. Sura Title Quranic Initials
1. 2 The Heifer A.L.M.
2. 3 The Amramites A.L.M.
3. 7 The Purgatory A.L.M.S.
4. 10 Jonah A.L.R.
5. 11 Hud A.L.R.
6. 12 Joseph A.L.R.
6. 13 Thunder A.L.M.R.  
8. 14 Abraham A.L.R.
9. 15 Al-Hijr Valley A.L.R.
10. 19 Mary K.H.Y.`A.S.
11. 20 T.H. T.H.
12. 26 The Poets T.S.M.
13. 27 The Ant T.S.
14. 28 History T.S.M.
15. 29 The Spider A.L.M.
16. 30 The Romans A.L.M.
17. 31 Luqmaan A.L.M.
18. 32 Prostration A.L.M.
19. 36 Y.S. Y.S.
20. 38 S. S.
21. 40 Forgiver H.M.
22. 41 Elucidated H.M.
23. 42 Consultation H.M.`A.S.Q.
24. 43 Ornaments H.M.
25. 44 Smoke H.M.
26. 45 Kneeling H.M.
27. 46 The Dunes H.M.
28. 50 Q. Q.
29. 68 The Pen NuN